Friday, August 28, 2015

I love sending packages to my missionary! They are just as important for me to make them for him as they are for him to get them. I love a good theme and I try hard to make them fun and spiritual. I send one a month because he is in the states. I look around for special things every month when I decided on what the theme is!! His MTC package was Minions so Minionaries worked out perfectly. I am constantly looking for fun stuff.

 I sent a greenie package for his first package out in Oregon but I forgot to get a picture. Everything was green. I sent a ton of food items because he was brand new to his apartment.
This 3rd package was a MUSTACHE package I included fun things to decorate his fridge and his place with uplifting sayings.
 This is a picture with Elder Peterson and Elder Thompson having fun with some of the package stuff!! LOL
 His next package I was obsessed with finding Star Wars things...Build a bear used to make a missionary outfits but I just found out they discontinued it! What??? So I found his older brothers missionary bear and washed the clothes and bought a Chewie to put the clothes on. It makes it that much more special because now those clothes have been on 2 missions. This package included things for his desk and treats. I also found vitamins because he had been sick. I always included doubles of fun things so both Elder P. and his companion feel special. I feel a light saber fight coming on.

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